Accessorising A White Dress

Hello everyone! In this post I’m gonna tell you how I accessorised my white dress. White dresses are a must for the summer so I hope this post will be helpful for you…😊

First of all you need to be sure for what occasion you’ll be wearing your lovely white dress. So I wore this little white dress for my birthday bash… 😛 

I had chosen a perfect white dress with almost zero transparency of fit – and – flare style. Then I added those lovely orchids to my dress just to give it a more prettier look. I paired it up white a lovely mini pink sling bag which was just so cute. It had different colored stones embedded on it. Then I opt for a pair of classic black heels to get a sophisticated look. Lastly I tried a lovely hairstyle for the lovely evening and added the red lips to complete the look. 

So the best thing about wearing a white dress is that you can accessories it in whatever way you want, with white comfortable sneakers or sky high heels. No matter what your skin tone is or what shape you have you’re absolutely going to look picture perfect in this color. Just go on and try different looks and mix various styles. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Well for the next post I’m thinking to write about a few street shopping destinations in India. So stay tuned… 😘


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