Accessorising A White Dress

Hello everyone! In this post I’m gonna tell you how I accessorised my white dress. White dresses are a must for the summer so I hope this post will be helpful for you…😊

First of all you need to be sure for what occasion you’ll be wearing your lovely white dress. So I wore this little white dress for my birthday bash… 😛 

I had chosen a perfect white dress with almost zero transparency of fit – and – flare style. Then I added those lovely orchids to my dress just to give it a more prettier look. I paired it up white a lovely mini pink sling bag which was just so cute. It had different colored stones embedded on it. Then I opt for a pair of classic black heels to get a sophisticated look. Lastly I tried a lovely hairstyle for the lovely evening and added the red lips to complete the look. 

So the best thing about wearing a white dress is that you can accessories it in whatever way you want, with white comfortable sneakers or sky high heels. No matter what your skin tone is or what shape you have you’re absolutely going to look picture perfect in this color. Just go on and try different looks and mix various styles. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Well for the next post I’m thinking to write about a few street shopping destinations in India. So stay tuned… 😘

An itinerary for a one day trip to Meghalaya, India

Fog covered road with freezing breeze brushing your face and lush greenery all around you what made this road trip so memorable. From innocent smiling locals to the best of street fashions you can get it all in this beautiful state of the North East. The state has the best of cuisines to give a nice ride to the taste buds of a foodie. A road trip through this amazing state will leave you enchanted for life.

Start your journey with blue sky and pine tress all around.

Best time to visit: The place can be best explored during the summer and the monsoon season. During summer in the month of April to June the temperature remains between 15oC to 25oC. Temperature during monsoon months, June to September falls between 15oC to 20oC. But I’ll advice you to check the weather reports before you plan for a trip since in the ‘Adobe of Clouds’ as the name Meghalaya says weather can change quite rapidly. It will be good to avoid the winter months as the temperature drops as down as 4oC.

Be enchanted by such view of Umium Lake

Budgeting for the road trip:

  • The airport in this city is some 25 kilometers away from the main city and have limited  connectivity with other major cities. I will advice you to fly to Guwahati airport which has good connectivity and is 125 kilometers away. then you can hire a taxi to Cherrapunji in around 3500 rs.
  • Try to eat at local hotel rather than spending your hard earned bucks in some insanely price five star restaurant.
  • Entry fees in various tourist sites will be between 20 to 30rs.
Eating these corns while enjoying the view is one of the awesome experience.

Five places we visited:

  1. Umium Lake

Located 15 kms from the main town of Shillong the lake was created by damming the Umium River. It serves as a major tourist attraction among the foreign tourists as well as the locals due to its breathtaking beauty. Try visiting the lake early morning for a wonderful sunset.

Watch locals busy at work in the lake.
You can actually see the water shining like diamonds.
Indulge in variety of water sports.

2. Lum Nehru Park

Lum in Khasi language means a hill. The park is situated on a small hill with lush green plantation all around with varieties of flowers. You can choose this spot for a early morning breakfast picnic with your loved ones.

Get mesmerized by lush greenery all around.
Yes! You can watch kids like them in their best of moments.

3. Umium View Point

Most of the time the place is crowded with tourists. The view of the lake from this site turns out even more beautiful. Don’t forget to try some exotic momos and maggi while getting lost in the view.

Just a view to die for.
Make sure you try a few of these fruits.
Best place to buy home a few souvenirs.
You can’t expect your background to be clear…

4. Cherrapunji

We choose to ride to Cherrapunji without wasting any time cause we had to cover some 53 kilometers. This place is termed as the wettest place on earth. Apart from rainfall we faced heavy fog. You can actually see clouds passing in front of your eyes. But due to fog visibility in this place was almost none so it’s better to hire an experienced driver.

You can guess the amount of fog around.

Amidst of heavy fog and rainfall we finally reached Cherrapunji. But I have to admit the journey is just beautiful. I couldn’t count the number of waterfalls I passed through. If you have time I will advice you to spent some time in different view points even though it’s foggy cause once the fog gets cleared the view will be worthwhile the wait.

Yes you can sit on those roads for a few minutes without the fear of getting killed…

We couldn’t got to see the Seven Sister Falls due to fog so we decided to explore a few caves. Yes the Khasi Hills of which Cherrapunji is a part, houses some of the longest caves of the world. You can still find many unexplored and partially explored caves in the state.

Inside of an explored cave. Don’t forget to remove you shoe before you step inside.
These caves are mostly located in the limestone formations.
It’s always better to wear something comfortable when you know you’ll be exploring caves…

5. Elephant falls

While driving back we decided to halt in this place for some leisure. You can choose to relax in a beautiful park or you can take a few steps to discover three falls cascading through fern covered hills.

The perfect place to relax.

Unlike most of the Indian states Meghalaya is female dominant state. So don’t get amazed seeing markets operated by women.

Little girls at work.
Get surrounded by falls like this.

Our trip ended here. But I’ll be back soon with much more time and exploring everything that I left this time. Before I end this post well I need to tell about its food so here I go…


You can find pork in almost everything. Try exotic momos of huge sizes with some hot and spicy soup. In local cuisine I will advice you to try Jadoh which is a kind of  fried rice with lots of pepper in it and it comes with various veggies and chutney.


Just the perfect place for pork lovers.

So next time you plsn to come to India don’t forget to visit this hidden paradise of the North East. And keep visiting my blog… Love you all…

And you can’t ignore this state’s vegetation.