Hello guys! I hope you all are ready to welcome summer. But are you also ready for the hursh sun? No matter if it’s cloudy or sunny our delicate skin needs protection from the harsh sun. These days I’m going all herbal in terms of my beauty products. So let’s see how this turned out to be.

INGREDIENTS : Carrot oil, extracts of Carrot seed, Lodhra bark, Sunflower oil,  Quinee seed and aloe vera. 

PRICE : Rs. 115

SHELF LIFE : 3 years


This herbal sunscreen protects skin with broad spectrum SPF 25 UVA/UVB. Enriched with the goodness of extracts of carrot and aloe vera it keeps skin soft and moisturized in the sun. Being this my first ever purchase from Biotique I’m quite impressed with this product. It comes in a orange colored tube pack with green flip open cap. 

The off white colored lotion is creamy in texture which makes a pea size amount sufficient for your face. It has a light herbal fragrance which stay only for a short fraction of time. Unlike most of the sunscreens it doesn’t makes the skin look oily. I’ll advice to apply this some 15-20 minutes before you step into the sun as it takes time to get absorbed. 

If you have been through my instragram profile you might have observed my love for travel and this product is totally travel friendly and I can carry it easily in my carry on bags. But one thing I need to tell you, if you’re planning to stay for long time in the sun you need to apply this after every 4 hours.  


  • Travel friendly 
  • Moisturizing 
  • Herbal product 
  • Chemical free
  • No oily sheen


  • Takes time to get absorbed 
  • Not perfect for oily skin
  • Can’t be used for long hours in the sun. 

Hope this turns out to be useful for you. Wishing you a happy summer… Bye…🏖


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